Hello World--Welcome to the Future of Air Conditioning

In the past, solar air conditioning, unfortunately, just didn't make a lot of sense.  Solar panels were 10x the cost and took up double the roof space.  And, for what?  This energy, if it existed, would have required batteries or net metering, separate voltage regulators, and inverters, since air conditioners and heat pumps all ran on alternating current power.

But the past is the past! Welcome to the future of air conditioning.  Here at Airspool, solar panels plug directly into the outside part of our unit to run it entirely on the sun.  The fan motors and compressor are direct current, the same current generated by solar.  And, they're now variable speed, meaning that the unit speeds up or slows down depending on the level of solar power generated you’re generating.  Cloudy or nighttime?  No problem.  Plug Airspool into any 120v outlet to run on super-efficient 22-SEER cooling.  Solar power will always be prioritized when it's available, though.

So, what's in it for you?  First and foremost, your fear and loathing of receiving your next electric utility bill will disappear.  Air conditionings free now!  We don't expect one little ol' 12,000 BTU unit to take over cooling for your whole house, because, unless you live in shed, it won't.  But it'll shave off the baseline low-hanging-fruit heat load of your home to lower your bills.  Simply set your Airspool unit to be a couple of degrees colder in the summer (or warmer in the winter--Airspool's also a heater) than your main unit to enjoy bank account and environmental cost savings.  

Speaking of sheds, yes, Airspool is great for keeping your shed, garage, or RV cool all day long off-grid.  Unusual places or nowhere places...no problem.  Plug in the panels and you're good.

Meanwhile, the future of utility net metering, which allows whole-house solar users to push their extra energy up to the grid during the daytime for a credit at nighttime, looks shaky.  Many state utilities and public utility commissions are threatening to greatly modify or even do away with this program, and that'd be bad for whole-house solar users.  So, Airspool's a viable alternative to take control by taming the local utility bear by and have it just perform tricks for you when you need it.  

And, yes, what if all of us doomsday environmentalists are right, and the world's not only getting warmer, but it's being caused by greenhouse emissions?  The number of air conditioners is forecasted by multiple groups to more than triple by 2050, so efficiency of these units will be important.  And, nothing's more efficient than running them on solar.  In short, there's an opportunity for you to save money and save the environment with Airspool. We’re looking forward to working with you to help you do just that.