Our Why for this project is to make things easier for you and make things easier on the environment. Too often, those who have wanted to 'go solar' have been hit by business licensing and permitting challenges, public utility commission regulations, and net metering rules adding expense and delays to their dream.

Airspool streamlines the process by giving you a system which attacks the 60% - 70% of the average southwest summer electric bill: The air conditioning. For businesses, Airspool units are the quickest and simplest heating and air conditioning (heat pump) units to get running quickly. And the controls and scheduling are built into the units, potentially saving thousands on separate controllers.

Finally, Airspool helps shave the peak daytime loads by adding free cooling when the sun shines, thus lowering the facility and demand charges most utilities bill.

Airspool allows you to do good when you do well (or, do well when you do good?) by eliminating CO2 emissions by running primarily from solar. The motors are all variable speed, meaning that they stage up and down slowly and avoid the normal huge in-rush current which jolts traditional air conditioners when they come on. So, not only do you save energy, save the environment, and save money, but you'll feel more comfortable in the process.

Making progress in eliminating carbon fuel consumption, saving you money, and having fun in the process is why we do what we do!