The Details

How it Works

Airpsool is a DC air conditioner (or DC heat pump, actually, so it will heat your indoor space in the winter). What is a DC air conditioner? A DC (direct current) air conditioner has an indoor fan motor, an outdoor fan motor, and a compressor that all run on DC (direct current), so the solar panel energy, which is also DC, can flow directly and efficiently to these motors to power them. And Airspool also has an AC (alternating current) plug so you can plug in to run your unit at a super-efficient 22 SEER when it's cloudy or nighttime. The details of the system are below.

how it works

Tech Specs

Model/Unit Name: MS12
Operating range -10°C (14°F) </ heating; cooling</58C (135.4°F) T3 design
Normal coverage area sq. ft. +/- 500
Power Supply AC power ph-v-hz 1Ph 115V/50-60HZ
DC power (solar panels in series) v 80-380V
DC power current a </=20A
Recommended solar panels pcs. 4 pc. @ +/-380w/panel
Rated Cooling Capacity (T1) w 3510 (900-3900)
btu 12000 (3000-13300)
Power input (T1) w 940 (190-1270)
Capacity (T3) w 2910
btu 9900
Power input (T3) w 1050
Rated Heating Capacity w 4100 (1000-4500)
btu 14000 (3000-15300)
Power input w 1170 (190-1700)
SEER2 / 22
HSPF2 / 8.5
T1  EER    (w/w)/(btu/w) / 3.75/12.75
T3  EER    (w/w)/(btu/w) / 2.75/9.45
COP         (w/w)/(btu/w) / 3.50/11.95
Dehumidification capacity pints/day 66
l/h 1.3
Compressor Model / WHP04200
Type / 2x ROTARY
Brand / Highly
Indoor fan motor Power w 15
Speed (Turbo/Hi/Mi/Lo) r/min 1300/1200/1100/950
Indoor air flow (Turbo/Hi/Mi/Lo) cfm 318/285/256/206
m3/h 540/485/435/350
Indoor noise level (Turbo) dB(A) 42.5
Indoor unit Dimension (W×H×D) inches 33.07x8.07x11.6
mm 840×205×295
Packing (W×H×D) inches 36.22x11.4x14.17
mm 920×290×360
Net weight/Gross weight lbs 19.8/27.6
Kg 9.0/12.5
Outdoor fan motor Power w 40
Speed r/min 880
Outdoor air flow m3/h 2100
Outdoor noise level dB(A) <52
Outdoor unit Dimension (W×H×D) inches 31.56x22.2x12.7
mm 802×564×323
Packing (W×H×D) Inches 35.8x24.5x15.9
mm 910×622×405
Net/gross weight lbs 73.8/82.7
kg 33.5/37.5
Refrigerant type   R410A
Max design pressure psig 623/218
MPa 4.3/1.5
Refrigerant pipe Gas side/liquid side (inch) inches 3/8  1/4
Max. refrigerant pipe length ft. 49.2
m 15
Max. difference in elevation ft. 26
m 8
Drain pipe size mm 16
Refrigerant connection copper pipe length m 3
Connection wire length m 4
Electronic Expansion Valve / Yes
Loading QTY 40'/ 20' sets 200/85