Airspool 's Spring 2024 Newsletter

Happy Spring!


Nothin’ wrong with winter, but…It’s Spring!  A time of hope, as in let’s hope there are no more electric utility rate increases or changes to net metering like there were in the last few months (we feel ya, AZ and CA). But the best defense is a good offense, so read on…


At last, solar air conditioning works.

But why?


There are 3 main reasons why solar-powered air conditioning works when it didn’t before...  


  1. Advanced electronics make it possible to plug solar panels straight into the outdoor unit and use this DC power directly without batteries, inverters, or external voltage controllers.  Plug-and-play +/- 3 solar panels to get 1 ton of a/c without any conversion loss.

  2. Traditional compressors (the motors of a/c units) need 4-to-6 times more power at startup than new inverter compressors, so they need 4-to-6 times more solar panels.  Plus, they keep cycling on and off, which makes rooms less comfortable than the new inverter compressors that solar a/c units use.

  3. And yes, the manna-from-heaven Inflation Reduction Act you’ve no doubt heard about saves buyers of Airspool both 30% for their solar panels and 30% for their Airspool (including any labor purchased) at tax time.

Here it is in in 48 seconds.


Control a live Airspool!

If you are still in the consideration stage on Airspool, there’s one little bonus which really makes life easy.  You can control the unit from anywhere you have a cellular or WI-FI connection with the Airspool app, which means you can turn it on and off, schedule it, and change it to heating, air conditioning, dehumidification, or fan mode.  Plus, you can see your energy savings from solar.  This is the Internet-of-Things at its best.  Want to test drive one that’s located in our Las Vegas office?  


  • Download the Airspool app for iPhone at the App Store, or for Android at Google Play.

  • Email me at with your desires.


You’ll then get an alert that it’s shared, and you can start playing around with it.  Such controls simply were not possible even 5 years ago, and now it’s included free with any Airspool unit.


New for 2024

In 2024, we have you covered with an updated electrical panel cover with the +/- solar MC4 leads coming out through the cover to make it easier to connect your solar array, along with a refrigerant valve cover to keep lawnmower or backyard baseball accidents from being impactful.  And, a flexible grate over the condenser coil keeps debris from clinging and keeps neighborhood juvies from carving their names in your condenser fins



We’re also now going full bore on Q ‘n’ Es

We’re now actively promoting our 12,000 BTU Quick ‘n’ Easy unit.  This unit is a normal solar-hybrid Airspool mini-split, but you can connect the line set, communications/control wires, alternating current wire (for times when there’s limited or no solar, the unit runs at 22 SEER2), and solar wires in less than 5 minutes.  Check it out here.  And Eta here got our first unit last fall.  She has an off-grid cabin in somewhat-remote Wyoming, and so she set this up to give her free cooling and heating up there.  Click on her photo to see her installing the unit.


Another future item + client partnership

Oh, and we’re working on a sensor gizmo that will allow any extra solar power from the Airspool panels to go into your battery array if you have one.  Yes, we brag about the fact that we don’t need batteries/MPPTs/inverters to run our unit, since the panels plug right in, but if you already have such a (likely off-grid) setup, get in touch, as we’d like your input in the design process.  


On the win/win marketing side of things, we’re assigning clients a $150 promo code which they can share with family, friends, enemies, etc. to give these folks a $150 credit toward the purchase of an Airspool unit, and give you a $50 cash credit or a $100 Airspool credit.  Oh, you say you don’t have an Airspool unit yet, and you’d like to be your own friend and get this credit on your purchase and also get the $100 credit toward a future purchase?  Shoot us an email with your name, zip code, and email address, and we’ll make it happen.



$.40/watt is the new $.75/watt

The new news is same as the old news.  Solar panel prices continue to drop precipitously.  Our partner Santan Solar, for instance, has lots of options under $.40/watt.  So, at that price, you can power your 1-ton unit for the next 25 years for around $600 (if you get +/-1,500w of solar, which is our recommendation).  Pricing is likely to only get lower, so why invest now?  Well, when would you rather start getting free air conditioning, now or a year from now?


So, that’s the spring status.  Get in touch with any other ideas you’d like us to cover or any questions you have about solar hybrid air conditioning and heating.


- Dave V.Z.