Why Solar is Heading for a Win

Solar's still at its infancy when you look at the whole load of the U.S. grid...

area chart showing how proportion of energy in the US changing from 2001 to 2019

Despite decreases in price, renewables still make up a tiny fraction of our total energy. Infographic by Sara Chodosh

And, good news, it's now the least-expensive cost of electricity...

line graph showing cost of different energy sources changing from 2009 to 2019

Solar got cheaper without you even realizing it. Infographic by Sara Chodosh

And additionally, solar's not gumming up the atmosphere with pounds of CO2 gas emission for every kWh.  Note: Most air conditioners take 2+ kW/ton to run.

U.S. electric utility and independent power electricity generation and resulting CO2 emissions by fuel in 2020
 Electricity generationCO2 emissions        
 million kWhmillion metric tonsmillion short tonspounds per kWh
Coal757,763  7678452.23
Natural gas1,402,438  576  6350.91
Petroleum13,665    13    15
Electricity generation is net electricity generation.
Includes electricity-only power plants. Combined heat and power plants are excluded because some of their CO2 emissions are from fuel consumption for heating purposes.

Conclusion:  Electricity's going to get a lot cheaper once grid-scale electricity is generated from solar.  (It will be.) For now, save money and save the environment with Airspool, where air conditioning goes solar.

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