We just got Energy Star approved. What's in it for you?


Imagine getting 30% off of all solar projects and all Energy Star-certified heat pumps. No need for imagination in this case, since the Inflation Reduction Act may not be doing much to curb inflation in the general economy, but it's certainly helping bring down your true cost for these two types of projects.  Yes, you get a 30% investment tax credit for every dollar you invest on your Airspool solar-powered heat pump, along with any accompanying accoutrements (such as an outdoor unit pad, line set covers, etc.) and labor, and 30% investment tax credit on the solar panels, balance-of-system components (such as rails and solar wire to make it all work), and labor. 

An example is in order...

You get the Airspool unit for $1,450, and pay an installer $500 to set it all up, including a line set cover.  You then get 1,500 watts of solar (with all of the mounting goodies and wire) for $1,300, and pay another $500 to get these panels installed.  So, very little DIY on your part, but you did it yourself by using your most useful tool, your credit card, to get 'er done.  All in for $1,450 + $500 + $1,300 + $500 = $3,750.  The good news?  You now...

  • Have an air conditioner that runs all day for free, and runs at 22 SEER2 (the new, tougher SEER test) when using grid power
  • Save $3,750 x .3 = $1,125 off your taxes, meaning that, in effect, your investment in this sytem is really only $2,625.  

So, we thought you'd want us to get Energy Star approved! 

But wait, $2,625 is still a goodly sum.  How can you cost justify this still-sizable portion? 

10 ways to cost justify Airspool, after taking off the 30% Investment Tax Credit

1a.  Your old main unit's not exactly efficient, so you need a new unit anyway.  How much can you save by putting an Airspool in a hotspot of your home, thus obviating (a fun word to use when you have the chance) the need to run your main unit as much, and that old sucker's not very efficient, so... Well, to know this, go to this calculator...  https://airspool.com/seercalc-minisplit

1b.  Or, if you're putting the Airspool unit in a garage or off-grid cabin or somewhere where you haven't had air conditioning in the past, what's it worth to you to now have air conditioning (and heating, since Airspool heats in the winter, too), especially one that runs free all day and super efficiently all night? 

  1. Airspool offers a buy-and-try guarantee.  If you're not delighted, you have a full year to return your unit for a full refund.  After that, there's a full 3-year parts warranty and 5-year compressor warranty.  What's this peace of mind worth? 
  2. Airspool has a DC inverter compressor, and brushless DC fans.  Yes, these make your unit more efficient, but they also avoid the inrush, or surge current that makes older, less-efficient units cycle on and off.  All of that cycling may make you uncomfortable, and it wears out the motors more quickly.  And, like other mini splits, Airspool has a washable filter, so you won't be spending +$10/month on filters.  What's it worth to have fewer repairs (which the warranty discussed in '2' sort of address, but this why it's more fault tolerant), less maintenance, and more comfort?
  3. The standard ('raw') version of Airspool has detailed native-English instructions both online and in the manual.  The Airspool Quick 'n' Easy is the easiest do-it-yourself installation available on the market.  The refrigerant lines are precharged, the communications control wire, electrical wire, and solar whip wires are preinstalled.  Twist-to-connet the refrigerant lines, twist-to-connect the communications control cable, plug in the alternating current line (no need to buy this separately like most other mini splits, let alone wire it...all of this is done for you), and click in the solar whips to the provided DC isolator.  Oh, and you can move your Quick 'n' Easy by just untwisting and unconnecting everything, so it's, in effect, portable.  What's the solid instructions for the proficient-installer raw version worth to you (if you're getting that version)?  What's the less-than-5-minute connection of the refrigerant and electrical lines worth to you for the Quick 'n' Easy version, where you know that everything is going to work since we did the heavy lifting before shipping to you? 
  4. Run on solar only.  Or, run on grid power only.  Or, run hybrid using both solar and grid power.  The solar panels plug right into the outside unit (if you want solar), and the outside unit plugs directly into the wall outlet for grid power (if you want grid power).  Solar is always prioritized.  No inverter, batteries, or voltage controller are needed for your solar panels to run Airspool.  And, your panels will produce more air conditioning, since the DC power they produce doesn't need to be converted to alternating current.  Airspool runs natively on DC.  What's this simple, efficient solar connection worth to you?  And, what's the option to have plug-in (vs. a new breaker like most new air conditioners) grid power (or power off of your inverter, if you're running off grid) worth to you?
  5. Airspool comes with a free app allowing you to control your unit from anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection.  Turn the unit on/off.  See how much energy it's using from solar and/or from the grid.  Schedule it to come on and off based on your probable calendar.  (Override this as needed.)  Change the setpoint and see the current indoor temperature where your Airspool is located.
  6. Oh, and if the grid is down, provided it's sunny, you'll still have air conditioning!  Most people who have hole-house solar with net metering can't say this, since there's a danger of backfeeding, so the utility disconnects their net meter from the grid and from their appliances.  What's it worth to be comfortable on days when the grid is down?
  7. And, yes, you'll be saving money while you're doing your part to save the environment. Value for this? 
  8. Less altruistically, you'll (likely) be first on the block to have a solar-powered air conditioner.  Be shy in public on this, but what (in the privacy of your own computer) is this one worth, if anything? 
  9. Even less altruistically:  you vindictive son-of-a-cuss!  You want to stick it to the man!  You don't like the way your local utility has treated you of late, what with rate increases and never even sending you a Holiday card.  What's it worth to put the screw to them by paying them less money every month?

In short, Airspool units are now an even better value with Energy Star approval.  It's one more feather in the value cap for both of us.