We're offering pre-charged, and pre-installed, line set by the foot. Why?

The battle for do-it-yourself mini split kits is heating up.  Yet, the focus has been only on the refrigerant line connection, and the approach, up to Airspool's foray into the arena, had been do-it-yourself if you had both the tools (like torque wrenches) and expertise to use them. Airspool solves this by not only pre-charging our line set, but also pre-installing it, and allowing you to hand tighten the self-sealing quick connector in one spot vs. two.  And, we pre-install all of the electrial lines.  These include the communications/control wires from the inside to the outside unit (twist to connect these in less than 10 seconds), the alternating current line (just plug it in to any wall outlet), and the solar whips (since our unit is a solar hybrid--free air conditioning and heating when it's sunny and 22 SEER2 when it's not).  The last element we needed to address was the extend line set, since our pre-charged line set wouldn't be worth a hill of beans if you absolutely needed a longer line set.  So, we're offering this as an option.  Check out this link...


This will be preinstalled onto the Quick 'n' Easy unit to supplant the standard 3 meter (9' 13") one. 

And yes, this will only work on the Airspool Quick 'n' Easy, since it needs to be installed here before we ship. Get in touch if you have an questions.